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Come find the prescription medication you need at R and R Pharmacy - Twin Falls along with a few other services you might not have known about.



Mailed directly to you


Delivered to your doorstep

No Wait Refills

Save time and trips to the pharmacy

Just to Name a Few

but we do so much more, just ask.



We can administer flu shots, pneumococcal shots, shingles shots and many travel vaccines in the pharmacy. Our pharmacist can help you determine which immunizations you and your family need. Please stop by the pharmacy or call ahead to make an appointment.

Blister packs

Compliance Packaging

With request, we will happily fill unit dose cards to assure the correct use of the medication and time. This program helps those who take many prescriptions and/or vitamins multiple times daily. But it also assists caregivers and family members, simplifying the patients daily regiment.



Compounded medication is formulated in a dosage that is right for you and your needs, rather than trying to be a one-type-fits-all medication. Because you are unique, so should your medicine.


Medication Therapy Management

 Have you just wanted to sit down with the pharmacist and have a heart to heart about what does or doesn't work for you. Do you want to know if there are alternatives for a particular drug? This is called medication therapy management or MTM and we are willing to help you. We want to make sure you understand your medications, know of any side effects, and have all your questions answered while checking for interactions or other possible situations. In short, we want to help you be the BEST you. (Medication therapy management (MTM) is medical care provided by pharmacists whose aim is to optimize drug therapy and improve therapeutic outcomes for patients.)

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